Linux hangs on the HP dc7700

I was working with Altiris the other day and trying to get the HP dc7700 to boot Linux. The machine did not get too far before freezing. After some research I found out that you can add pci=nommconf as a option during boot and the machine boots properly.

Boot: linux pci=nommconf

Hope this helps someone.

2 thoughts on “Linux hangs on the HP dc7700”

  1. If it is being installed on a sepreate hard disk, and you’re still booting into windows vista after install, this means that your bios is set to boot to the wrong drive. I don’t know what factor allow ubuntu and mint to work in this regard- but regardless, how you fix this is you hit delete as your computer comes up, go into the bios’s boot settings- and put the drive containing linux to the top of the list. This should make your computer load grub instead of vista’s bootloader, and grub should allow you to boot into either vista or the specific distribution of linux you are using.

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