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Interesting tools.

Two things I ran across today that I need to look further into.   – This shows what processes are waiting on and looks very interesting.

The other is Group Scheduling in Linux 2.6.24 and above.  This allows you to put processes in a group so that one set of processes can share the same resources.  For example, you can assign two different users 50% of the processor and one use could be running 50 compiles but should not affect the performance of the second user.

Dumping a mysql table to SQL

I usually use phpMyAdmin to dump my table to SQL, but sometimes it is easier to do it from the command line. Use the following syntax to dump a table to SQL.

mysqldump -p -e -c --add-drop-table -r table.sql dbname table

Warning: The –add-drop-table will cause it to drop the existing table when you import.

You can import this with the command

mysql -p dbname < table.sql