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Problems with pyTivo ffmpeg and ac3

I kept getting errors when trying to use pyTivo to stream shows to my Tivo HD.
Unsupported codec (id=86020) for input stream #0.0

After researching this it seems that this is due to lack of ac3 support in ffmpeg. After examaning ffmpeg it looked like it was compiled correctly, but it still would not work. I uninstalled the rpm and compiled it manually. This made things worse, the shows did not even show up on the Tivo for tranfser. Finally I realized that a52dec and ffmpeg were installed from different repositories. The packages from the livna repository work, but packages from atrpms do not work. So in order to fix this, remove ffmpeg and transcode and all their dependancies with rpm -e. Then install ffmpeg and transcode with yum while disabling the atrpms repository.

yum --disablerepo=atrpms install ffmpeg transcode

Now if I could just increase the transfer speed.

P.S. I’m working on a python script that will download, decode and play shows from the tivo all at once, so shows play instantly.