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Propecia (Generic Finasteride)

Propecia comes in tablet form. Each tablet contains 1 mg of finasteride. The shape and form of tablets may vary. Typically, the tablets have a brownish color, an octagonal shape and coated. Each tablet embossed on one side "PROPECIA 1", on the other hand - "MRK 71". Propecia, finasteridObychno pellets are placed in plastic bottles of various shapes and designs depending on the manufacturer. Vials, in turn, may be packaged in kits designed for treatment 1, 2, 3 or more months. The photograph on the right shows an example of cardboard packaging PRO PAK ™ with 3 bottles of 30 tablets each.

What should be expected from the use of Propecia?

Propecia has shown excellent results in the recovery of growth volos.Propetsiya usually gives very good results, allowing you to restore hair growth, not only on the crown, but also in the area of ​​the frontal bald patches. These areas are usually difficult to treat. The effectiveness of Propecia to combat hair loss by the fact that some men who took Propecia, the amount of hair remained the same or increased, while 66% increased significantly the number of new hair to replace fallen. And it was not vellus hair (a feeling that something there seems to be growing), but real normal hair Generic Propecia Online . The results achieved by different patients naturally differ. Most importantly, it is proven in clinical trials, the majority of patients using Propecia, at least, keeps the full amount of hair that is they have today. Imagine going to the mirror in two or three years, you will see that you have the same hairstyle as this morning. And a great chance that the mirror on you will look completely different person with a normal head of hair.

How fast should expect results?

While Propecia begins to block the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) immediately after the start of the application to start the hair growth takes time. We must remember that healthy hair grow on average one centimeter per month, so it takes time to find a visible improvement. According to clinical studies, it is necessary to take Propecia daily for 3 months or more to become noticeable effect - slowing down and stop the hair loss. After 6 months of application can be seen once again sprouting to replace lost hair and it will not just fluff, but real hair. If Propecia no effect during twelve months its further use is likely inappropriate.

How long does it take Propecia?

You need to take Propecia for as long as you want to keep their hair, to continue their recovery and increase in number. If you discontinue use of Propecia, you are likely to lose hair earlier recovered within approximately 12 months. We must remember the role played by Propecia in blocking the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If you cancel this hormone Propecia again begins its destructive effects on the hair.

Generic Propecia

Propecia: test results Clinical studies confirm the high efficacy of the drug Propecia. According to their results a little less than 90% of the subjects noticed that their hair stopped falling out. A year later, the medication half of the patients return to growth of hair. And in 18 months the percentage of men whose hair acquired a "second life", rose to 66%. We emphasize that finasteride gives amazing results, restores hair follicles on the crown, as well as eliminates the receding hairline on the forehead, perfectly mastering the so-called male type of baldness. Before the advent of Propecia was thought that the head of the least of these are treatable, because that is where is the hair follicles sensitive to the effects of the male sex hormone Generic Propecia Online . This drug with proven efficacy returns hair strong floor. Propecia: With regard to the effectiveness of treatment for female androgenetic alopecia, Propecia could be just as effective, but its main active substance - finasteride increases the likelihood of congenital anomalies of the fetus in pregnant women. This has led the company-developer Merck & Co., Inc. introduce a definitive ban on the use of Propecia in women of childbearing age. Since finasteride is really an effective tool in the fight against hair loss, it is gaining popularity throughout the world. Propecia has already received permission to use in many countries, including in Russia, the CIS countries . It is noteworthy that the regular intake of finasteride leads to a renewal of the bulbs, which produced vellus hair and stimulates the growth of high-grade real hair. It is only natural that the final results could be different depending on the individual characteristics of the human body. Until now it was thought that androgenetic alopecia cure with absolute efficiency can be only in women. The effectiveness of drug therapy for men taken to determine the stages of the disease by Norwood from I to VII, and it is recommended to start the treatment of hair loss as early as possible in order to achieve greater effect. Studies have shown that even in advanced cases allows the use of Propecia if you do not regain the hair in its entirety, or at least fully prevent further hair loss, and keep the remaining amount of hair. If you show patience and persistence, repeat courses of treatment, then after a year or a little more, you will leave with alopecia problems in the past, and enjoy a much more lush and thick hair. Propecia: Propecia rules Admission Why should take a long time? Development of DHT hormone starts blocked immediately after the start of treatment. However, damaged hair follicles need time to restore normal operation Generic Propecia Online. Even healthy hair grows very slowly, somewhere along the 1 cm per month, so to replace thinning hair and provide a visible improvement requires finasteride therapy for several months. Therefore, Propecia should be taken daily in the course of three months or longer. Untimely termination of therapy can often be accompanied by relapses, it is better to tune in to a long and successful treatment of baldness. If you forget to take the medication, just skip this day and continue treatment at the initial dosage. Unwarranted increase in the dose of the drug is unacceptable, since it increases the risk of side effects. Gradually you will notice the improvement, but after about six months to see the newly regrown hair is healthy, that will return a young and fresh look.

Are there any contraindications to the use of the drug?

Propecia is used to treat baldness in men only and should not be taken by women or children. Propecia and should not take people experiencing allergic reactions to any of the components that make Propecia. CAUTION Pregnant women or women who potentially are going to become a mother, should not touch broken or rastolchЈnnym Propecia tablets. If a woman pregnant with a boy would be in contact with the active ingredient of Propecia even through the skin, it can lead to abnormal changes in the reproductive system rebЈnka. Propecia tablets are specially coated to reduce the risk of contact with the active ingredient in ordinary conditions.