John R. Tipton, LPIC

Knoxville, Tennessee

865.202.9575 (M)

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Motivated self-starter with highly technical background encompassing many aspects of network/server administration, security and programming. Confident solution provider and effective problem solver with proven troubleshooting background and ability to implement solutions.


Knoxville, TN

Senior Systems Engineer 03/08 – Present

  • Migrated existing systems to a new data center. Architected new system for redundancy, scalability and maintainability.

  • Diagnosed problems with existing infrastructure to increase uptime from 98.0% to 99.94%. Made database server changes, implemented filtering of unwanted traffic, and helped optimize code to prevent daily outages that were happening.

  • Used puppet to create system profiles for different servers to quickly roll out different classes of servers and to ensure configuration consistency.

  • Diagnosed problems with the new system including file contention on NFS shares, unneeded queries in Django, system resources when under load.

  • Wrote scripts to help monitor systems and collect system metrics.

  • Develop various software for reporting and to allow developers to push and rollback code from an SVN repository.

URS Corporation
Oak Ridge, TN

Senior Unix Administrator 07/00 – 03/08

  • Designed, implemented and maintained the URS Solution Host data center.
    Provided custom hosting with 24/7 monitoring and support to over 100 customers.
    Installed, configured and administered 2 full racks of equipment at Digital Crossing.
    Diagnosed problems for clients and help to resolve them.

  • Installed, configured and administered database servers on Unix in a development /
    test / production environment including: Oracle , MySQL , and PostgreSQL servers.

  • Installed, configured and administered application servers on Unix in a production
    environment including: Oracle Application servers and Tomcat Servers.

  • Provided consultation to clients to help configure and troubleshoot Oracle Application server.

  • Installed configured and administered: Apache, Tomcat, Oracle Application Server 10g,
    Oracle Webcache, Oracle Database Server (8i, 9i, 10g), IIS, SMTP (Sendmail, Qmail and
    Exchange), IMAP, POP3, DNS(bind), NFS, Squid, MySQL, Postgres,
    SQL Server,
    Vmware GSX Server, Virtuozzo, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, Citrix, Veritas Backup Exec

  • Implemented a fully redundant multi-homed Linux routing/firewall using Bridge_Utils, CARP,
    IPTables and BGP (zebra)

  • Wrote the technical portion of the winning proposal for the 10 million dollar contract to build a
    network for the Iraq Ministry of Electricity. As technical lead on this project, I designed the
    network infrastructure and wrote the design plan. I oversaw the configuration of equipment for
    71 different sites in Iraq and a fully redundant data center in Amman Jordan including SAN
    and clustering.

  • Installed, configured and administered Cisco Routers, Cisco ASAs, VPN Concentrators, and
    Pix/IPTables Firewalls

  • Implemented 24/7 reliability and performance monitoring using Big Sister and custom written
    shell, Perl and PHP scripts.

  • Developed database driven solutions in Perl, Cold Fusion, PHP, Python and ASP

  • Automated redundant tasks with Bash/Perl/PHP scripting

  • Audited network/websites for security vulnerabilities

TekSystems/Maxim Group
Knoxville, TN

Network Consultant 01/99 – 07/00

  • Developed MS Access, MySQL, and Oracle driven web sites/applications for Radian

  • Provided Philips Consumer Electronics with Windows NT, Netware, and PC support for
    approximately 200 users

  • Developed a barcode label Access database for factory refurbished products

  • Troubleshot Lotus Notes, Extra!, MS Office, and other software-related problems

Phoenix USA, Inc.
Cookeville, TN

Systems Support Analyst 02/97 – 01/99

  • Provided Linux, SCO, WinNT, and MySQL Administration and troubleshooting for
    approximately 50 users

  • Wrote shell scripts for routines including backups, data imports, and mail fetching

  • Assembled Windows NT, SCO Unix, and Linux servers

  • Bay Networks Switch configuration, wire-closet maintenance

  • Provided IPChains Firewall configuration, IP Masquerading, and Routing

  • Troubleshot problems with Windows 95, MS Office, Windows NT, and Unix

  • Serial, Ethernet, Parallel Printer configuration and maintenance

  • Implemented an ISO9000 compliance intranet solution using Perl and MySQL

  • Redesigned Corporate Web Site

  • Analyzed network deficiencies to ensure secure Remote Access


  • Experience Administering: Oracle Application Server, Oracle Database Server, Postgres,
    Mysql, SQL Server, MSDE, Apache, Tomcat, IIS, Squid, Exchange, Qmail, Sendmail,
    IPTables, SAMBA, NFS, BIND, Virtuozzo, VMWare, Xen, Windows Clustering,
    Backup Exec, SAN, NAS, Citrix

  • Experience with monitoring, vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection software:
    Snort, Ethereal, BASE, Nessus, Big Sister, Cacti

  • Experience with development software: PHP, Perl, Python, Bash, Cold Fusion, ASP, GTK,
    Mono, MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle

  • Experience with Cisco hardware: Routers, Switches, VPN Concentrator, Pix/ASA Firewall

  • Experience with OS: Linux, Solaris, SCO, Windows


  • Linux Professional
    Institute Certified

  • B.S.
    Computer Engineering,
    Technological University, 2.5 years completed

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