TivoConnector v0.3

TivoConnector will allow you to stream shows in real time (if your Tivo can keep up) from your Tivo to your Linux box. (This program may work on windows if you have tivodecode and mplayer installed on windows, but this is not tested.) It will also present an option to download the show instead.

* Mplayer
* tivodecode
* python-pycurl

# python tivoconnector.py
4 shows in Now Playing

0 – Monk
1 – Tournament of Roses Parade
2 – Rachael Ray: “Emily Procter (‘CSI: Miami’)”
3 – Shrek 2
4 – Shrek
Which show do you want to select? 4
Watch or get?(w/g) g

TivoConnector v0.3

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